During these warm summer weeks we have been improving the invoicing and billing parts of Addiliate.com to make sure our users get a clearer overview of the financials. These consist of the Advertising part which is called ‘Invoicing’ and the Publisher part called ‘Billing’.


Advertiser Invoicing: we’ve simplified the user interface and advertisers will get a quick overview of the invoices by clicking on the ‘invoices’ tab.

In the overview, Advertisers can see the Invoice number, the month for which the invoice is, the total amount, the day we have sent the invoice, the date is was paid and advertisers can download the PDF invoice. Last is the status to see if a invoice is already paid or unpaid. Additionally by clicking the Show/hide columns button and clicking ‘campaign details’ Advertisers can see more specific information regarding campaign details.

Next to the overview in Addiliate all invoices are sent by email as well.

For more information visit our support page: http://support.addiliate.com/category/invoices/


On Publisher Billing there are filters for Year and Month and there is a additional important one, which is called ‘Display Campaign Details’.

Display campaign details basically means if you want to see the results split up per campaign or you want to see the overall results for your account.

Afterwards there are 2 main tabs:

  • Results to invoice – this is where you can see all the results that can be invoiced

o   If you have selected Display Campaign Details on NO you will get a overview of the total Approved and Pending amounts per month.

o   If you have selected Display Campaign Details on YES you will get a overview of the Approved and Pending amounts per campaigns per month.


  1. Always sent us invoices with campaign details described.
  2. Always sent us invoices split up per month.
  3. Only sent us invoices for approved amounts, sending invoices for pending amounts will result in delayed payments.

In case of doubts, please sent your account manager a quick message and he/she will help you.

  • Received invoices – here you can get an overview of all the invoices we have received from you and there status. You can see when your invoices have been paid. This information has been updated from January 2014 onwards.

For more information visit our support page: http://support.addiliate.com/category/billing/


We realize the financials are an essential part of addiliate.com and therefore strive to provide you with the best available information. We believe the improvements above are a big step forward and if you have any feedback on these parts we are happy to hear from you and work together on the best possible solution.