Summer in Spain usually means sun, beach and mojitos. Apart from that it also means the perfect period to focus on work that never gets the priority that it deserves. During this month we’ve updated several parts of Addiliate that improve usability and make our users more happy. Below you can find a short overview of the main improvements:

-       Added a conversion tab in Statistics for publishers where conversions can be found

Conversion Report

-       Added an eCPC column (great for publishers looking for campaigns with a eCPC objective)

-       Added a ‘my campaigns’ tab in Campaigns for publishers where they can get a quick overview of the campaigns they are running

-       Added a GEO targeting feature for campaigns with focus on specific countries.

-       Improved our redirect for S2S campaigns

-       Added table sorting on most-used tables

-       Improved our mail communication and aligned it with our corporate branding

-       Optimized our Advertiser pixels

-       We’ve added a lot of countries

-       And many more user friendly updates that will help our users interact better and faster with our platform

We’re currently working on some further improvements of Addiliate and are preparing a interesting new possibility for both Advertisers and Publishers to optimize their performance marketing strategy.

Keep you posted!