Ho ho ho! Christmas is on the way!

With the holiday period that started it is time for Family, Turkey, Christma$ shopping and obviously new Addiliate Updates! We have been making some great progress last weeks and are very happy with the results. Below you can find a summary of the main updates that have been published today:

  • Publisher registration process: In order to serve publishers better after they have signed up we have added several fields in the registration process. Therefore we can shorten the approval period before publishers gain access to Addiliate and propose directly campaigns that will work well on their traffic sources.
  • Third party pixel response: We now save the response of the publishers’ third party pixel which enables us to set up third party tracking faster.
  • Advertiser testing URL: By displaying automatically a testing URL in the advertisers login we allow advertisers to test tracking themselves.
  • Advertiser obligatory creative usage: For campaigns where advertiser’s creative usage is obligatory we can disable the download function for publishers. The creatives will then be hosted on the server of the advertiser and they will therefore be able to track impressions.
  • Notification and messaging system: To make sure our partners receive and read all important messages we have added next to the emailmessages an internal notification system. This system display messages in Addiliate related to Campaigns, Statistics or Financial issues.
  • Publisher pipeline improvements: We realized that the first time is difficult for almost anything.. Therefore we have improved our pipeline for first time users so that they have a better user flow of setting up a channel first and afterwards taking the right campaigns for their traffic sources.
  • Several UX and UI improvements: Based on user feedback we have updated several graphs, tables and buttons. Users can navigate more intuitively throughout the system and are able to go faster to the place they need to be.

Thanks for all feedback! We’re working hard on some last improvements for 2014 (API, some other UI improvements, Formatting and many more).


That’s all folks!