Hi Everybody!

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are getting down (at least in the northern part of the planet), but new Addiliate improvements keep on coming!

Last few weeks we’ve been working really effectively on some of the most essential parts of the system which you can find below:

  • Campaign setup (and overview) improvements: we’ve restructured the way performance campaigns get set up in order to make it more intuitive. We’ve created a 3-step approach in which first the essential campaign details have to be inserted. Afterwards we’ve streamlined the creative upload module in which we distinguish the Banner, Email, Logo and Text creatives and have added several features to track individual performance of banners and add options to them. Last is all additional campaign fields that are not obligatory, but can provide additional information regarding campaigns.
  • Publisher Deeplinking: For campaigns that allow deeplinking publishers are now able to modify the URL to the URL that they prefer. This is a fantastic feature for publishers that provide specific content on their website and want to deeplink to a specific page of a advertiser instead of the general landing page.
  • Dynamic cookie time: We are now able to modify the cookie time per campaign. By default it is 30 days from last-click, but we are able to modify this based on Advertiser preferences.
  • Others: several improvements based on user feedback! Thanks guys!
  • Addiliate referral program - spread the love!!: We’ve launched the Addiliate referral program through which our current happy partners can recommend our global performance marketing platform to contacts of them. In case a successful referral gets made and the new referred partner generates >€50 revenue both the partner that referred as the one that got referred get a €25 bonus.

We hope you enjoy the new updated as much as we do and it makes your life easier and revenues higher!

See you soon!