A characteristic directly related with performance advertising campaigns is the budget of the campaign. How many leads or installs do we need this month? And how about next month?

In order to deliver only the contracted amount we have built the functionality of budget capping. Currently we have 3 types of budget capping for advertiser campaigns and publisher placements.

  • Daily budget
  • Monthly budget
  • Total budget

Advertisers are free to indicate how many conversions they want for a specific period and we will notify the publishers interested in that campaign what their cap is. At the moment the budget cap is reached the URL will become inactive and no more conversions will be delivered.

Furthermore we have introduced a fourth type of CPA campaign called CPS(%). As the name suggests this is a Cost-per-Sale campaign based on a variable remuneration. An advertiser can indicate he wants to pay a percentage of the order amount. So imagine a Advertiser wants to pay 8% of the order value, in the pixel he will sent us back the order value and based on that parameter we will calculate our commission. For example if he registers a order of €200 he will pay €16 commission (8%*€200). This a common remuneration model in industries with a large variation in order values and a direct conversion on sale (In travel this the most used model).
Finally we have implemented source tracking which enables us to track the source of where the conversion has been made. This will help us to further optimize traffic based on sources and can show publishers what sources are well converting.

More good stuff will follow the next 2 weeks!
Hasta pronto!