third party pixel is a piece of code that will enable you to track the campaigns directly in your system. If you want to track the campaign through your own system, these are the necessary steps to take.

1. Ask your account manager for a third party pixel placement and send your pixel.

2. After your campaign is accepted, go to your campaign and implement the pixel for that specific campaign.

3. Go to Addiliate and select the campaign you want to run.

4. Go to the Tracking&Pixels tab and click on Add third party.

5. Select Use third party.

6. Select your pixel at Lead Provider. In case you don’t find your pixel here, contact your account manager.

7. Add Field: insert here the name of the parameter you want to use to append your value to the back of the tracking link that was provided to you by your account manager. An example with sub_id in the field:

It is important that the name of the parameter is written identically in Field. If only capital letters are used, then it should be written with capital letters here as well.

6. Implement Lead and Order code.

7. Save your Test link and test the tracking.