After working quite a few years on Addiliate, it was time to introduce our mascot, our friend, our companion to celebrate good times. We wanted an icon that truly represents our image, a figure that would be related to Addiliate and make an impression on existing and future partners. It should be associated with a positive image and generate a good feeling, while keeping a serious and confident image.

During several late night brainstorm sessions where the pros and cons of many options have been discussed we finally found the ideal fit. We decided a unique animal would fit perfectly, an animal which generates a friendly image, which has similar characteristics as Addiliate…

Our new logo is:… A Meerkat called Stokkie


Meet our new Addiliate mascot: Stokkie. His name is based on the Dutch word for Meerkat, “Stokstaartje”.

For the ones that that do not know what a Meerkat is (yet), check out this Wikipedia page or this video of Timon in the Lion King:

We picked Stokkie because of his unique characteristics, which we feel identifies Addiliate very well:

  • Stokkie is really fast
  • Stokkie discovers new opportunities
  • Stokkie is strong (you know they eat scorpions and snakes!)
  • And Stokkie is a friendly partner

We hope you enjoy his presence as much as we do and see you soon!

Addiliate team (&Stokkie)