For publishers that work with sub-affiliates, we  highly recommend using subid’s in order to optimize traffic per sub-affiliate.

Addiliate allows publishers to add any number of subid’s and in general, we recommend using at least the 3 below:

Subid1 = #source#              Available variable

o   Email                                Email

o   Display                             Display

o   Mobile                              Mobile

o   Search                              Search

o   Social                                Social

Subid2 = #incentivizing#

o   Incent on open                Open

o   Incent on click                 Click

o   Virtual Currency              VC

o   Content Unlocking         Content

o   Cashback                         Cash

Subid3 = #publisher#

o   Publisher1                       1

o   Publisher2                       2

o   Publisher…                     …

How to activate this per campaign:

1. Click on Campaign details.

2. Go to Tracking Tab.

3. Click on Add subid in the subid column.

4. Add the parameters ‘subid1’, ‘subid2’ and ‘subid3’.

5. Add the values ‘#source#’ , ‘#incentivizing#’ , ‘#publisher#’.

6. Click on Save.









How does this work:

So this will basically create a URL like you can see below:

For example, if you have a campaign running on display traffic, incentivized on click with publisher 2, you will have to give him the following URL:

Afterwards, you can edit the values per sub-affiliate you use by modifying the values in the URL yourself. You do not have to change the values in addiliate, as we will save the value behind the subid automatically (so in the example below, you use 3 publishers that all use display traffic with incent on click).