Campaign Filters Publishers 02

Addiliate offers a large variety of campaigns from advertisers of different verticals. To find the right ads for your website or database, you can simplify your search by selecting the right filters. You can filter the following:

  • Status. Here you can filter by status of the campaign (ex. Running).
  • Country. Depending on the channel, you can filter the campaigns per country.
  • Campaign type. Here you can select the different payment models: CPC (Cost-per-Click), CPA (Cost-per-Action) or CPM (Cost-per-Mille).
  • Channel. If you are looking for campaigns for a specific channel (ex. Display).
  • Vertical. Filter by vertical in order to match the campaign with your channel.
  • Approval period. This is the time it takes before a lead gets approved after it is generated.
  • Conversion point. This is the point where the conversion takes place in the pipeline of the campaign (ex: after the install of an app).
  • Payment method. The method of payment for the Advertiser.
  • Incentivizing. If incentivized traffic is allowed, here you can filter by the kind of incentivized traffic.
  • Mobile optimized. In case you are looking for mobile optimized campaigns, you can select the filter here.

If you want the overview of campaigns shown in your currency, select Estimate in my preferred currency. This is the currency selected in “My settings”. Select the option Apply channel filter if you want to have an overview of campaigns that match your channels.

After applying the filters you will find an overview of the available campaigns. The elements mentioned above are all visible for every campaign, to give you can immediate overview of available campaigns. In order to see the Campaign details, you simply click on the name of the campaign. For a preview of the landing page, click on Preview.

Note: If the Availability is Public, your request does not have to be approved. If it states Apply to run, the status of the campaign will be pending until it has been approved by your account manager.