Advertiser Invoices


When you start a campaign in Addiliate, two important topics related to invoices are Approval terms and Payment terms.

  • Approval terms are the time period in days that advertisers need to review results and agree to send the net results to his/her account manager.

Important: late delivery of approvals can have financial implications.

  • Payment terms are the amount of days within an invoice has to be paid.

Important: late payment of invoices can have financial implications.

At the start of the month, all Advertisers will receive a notification from Addiliate on the 1st and the 6th of the month in which they are requested to send the net numbers to their account managers.

Recommendation: In order to get the best results and most volume we advise advertisers to send the net results as fast as possible. Publishers generally appreciate this and this will be an additional incentive for them to run your campaign.

With those final results, the invoice will be created which is visible in the Advertiser login.
In the Invoices tab, you will get a quick overview per year (and per month) of the invoices. You will see the Invoice number, the month for which the invoice is, the total amount, the day we have sent the invoice and the date it was paid. You can download the invoice as a PDF. Last is the status to see if a invoice is already paid or unpaid.

Campaign details Advertisers

Additionally, by clicking the Show/hide columns button and clicking campaign details you can see more specific information regarding campaign details.


Besides the overview in Addiliate all invoices are sent by email as well.