Summer months can often slow down development as we trade in our desks for a sandy beach, but not at Addiliate.

During the last months we have completely redesigned our network in order to provide a faster, easier and better service to our users.

We strongly believe Performance Marketing (or Affiliate Marketing) enters an essential, mature phase where both Advertisers and Publishers will become more demanding towards networks. The market will face increased competition between Networks and the winners will be Networks that understand the needs of modern affiliates (best affiliate programs, high payout, fast payment, easy/fast setup, clear platform).

We are up for the challenge and strive to become the best network within the next 3 years.

We have great indicators that we are on the good way as in a recent survey we did among our top 250 publishers we received a 91% satisfaction rate.

How do you like addiliate so far?




So what have we been doing the last months?

More users - > More affiliate programs

We have seen a tremendous increase of publishers over the last months. The number is exponentially growing and currently around 4.500. With this increased amount we also had to expand our affiliate programs in order to have suitable programs for all our publishers. This is a continuous process as we are always on the hunt for the best affiliate programs, but we are satisfied with the progress we have made so far and we strive to have +1000 available affiliate programs within the next few months.

Better onboarding

With the increased number of signups we also had to improve our onboarding process. We believe onboarding and account management should be a combination of automization and real-people dedicated support. Initially we have contact with all our publishers and provide them with tailored advice regarding what affiliate programs work best on their traffic and how to navigate through the platform. Once a publisher is up and running we provide him frequently with input regarding good affiliate programs and how to increase his eCPM.

We still have some features that we want to build during the next months, but activation rate has gone up and churn rate down so we are on the good way.

Clearer overview

As part of the better onboarding and automization we completely revised our platform so that users more intuitively understood what to do in the system and where to go. We are very happy with the results and have seen bounce-rates going down, time-on-site increase and the support requests going down. Plenty of users are using the system on a complete self-service approach where we provide them with input if relevant or requested.

Faster interface

And last, but essential, in nowadays web and mobile usage: Addiliate site is fast again. Nobody likes waiting for pages to load or statistics to have a delay. We are looking forward to a fast future!

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