Do you know that feeling when you are standing in a bar trying to order drinks, but it seems impossible to get the attention from the bartender?

Although it happens all the time, nobody likes that feeling and instead people like to feel attended fast, friendly and with correct information!

The same happens in Affiliate Marketing platforms where publishers are looking for campaigns, they need some assistance regarding:

  • What campaigns to select
  • How to set up a tracking URL
  • Where to implement a pixel
  • What are the allowed traffic sources
  • Any specific campaign conditions

Addiliate aims to distinguish itself from competitors by delivering excellent customer service.  Publishers are able to contact us in several ways (Skype, mail, phone) and we try to respond always as quick as possible with the correct answer.

Most recently we have also implemented an internal chat tool which enables publishers to chat directly with us from the logged in part of Addiliate which greatly contributes to the speed and efficiency of providing publishers with answers to their questions.

We will continue delivering excellent service and exceed your expectations!

At your service,