Hi Everybody,

Winter is leaving us behind and with a optimistic eye we can see the spring coming our way! Spring is the season of growth and where new things arise and also in Addiliate we are very exited about the current new updates we have made and more good news will come our way the coming months!

Below you can find a short summary of the most relevant updates that we did the last month:


First we have implemented a lot of explanations throughout the publisher and adverser login to improve user experience on some of the key pages:

1. Add toolboxes with explanations when you hoover certain terms

  • Approval days
  • Status of conversions
  • Campaign restrictions
  • Incentivizing

2. Publisher invoices procedure (we know most important for publishers is to get paid!)

  • Enabled publishers to indicate their preferred transfer details themselves
  • Explain the payment procedure step by step in the publisher login
  • Fixed one monthly payment date for automatic payments


Second we have improved both our advertisers pixels as our publisher pixels by using default placeholders. These placeholders standardize the use of our pixels and will make it easier for our partners to implement them on their sites.

Additionally the placeholders enable us on a advertiser side to be more flexible with the location of where we include certain parameters in the URL.


Third we have expanded publisher signup

  • During the signup publishers can indicate if they have specific campaigns they want to run.. This helps us to directly to offer interesting campaigns and give the cooperation a flying start.
  • When signing up the publisher automatically creates his channel. This will enable them to directly take campaigns.


Last we have implemented two more improvements that will improve the targeting options for advertisers and the speed of which we can set up campaigns:

- When publishers ‘apply to run’ campaigns they can directly indicate how and where they want to promote the campaigns. This enables us to approve publishers’ applications faster and get the results in faster as well.

- Targeting on Operating System for campaigns that only want to acquire users that use a specific Operating System.  The options are the diverse OS on mobile like iOS, Android, Blackberry and some smaller ones are the desktop version like Windows, Linux or Mac.


We believe this is a big step forward towards building the best performance marketing system and hope you enjoy the improvements as much as we do!



Addiliate team


(PS more good stuff is coming!)