Welcome to our brand new Addiliate blog! With this blog, we try to provide you with updates regarding Addiliate, Clicktron Media, new products we offer to our clients, success stories and anything else, which we believe could be interesting for you.

We’re living in busy times this July 2014. Just before summer, while temperatures are rising here in Barcelona, we have been working very hard on improving usability of Addiliate and smoothening our client communication. Moreover, we have just launched our new corporate website including Support and Blog. Meanwhile,  our national teams are battling in Brazil for the World Championship, and although Spain went out fast, our colleagues from Belgium, Germany, Colombia, France and Netherlands are still heavily discussing about who will become World Champion…

Addiliate improvements

Our new Addiliate homepage! 

During May, we’ve strengthened our Development team to ramp up the speed of Addiliate improvements which has led to the following updates:

  • Responsive design. We’ve made our entire platform responsive to all screen sizes. So no matter if you access Addiliate from your 40-inch widescreen monitor or your mobile device, Addiliate is clear on all screens and ready for the mobile future.
  • Performance improvement. We’ve increased the performance of several pages in the system to handle load time better.
  • Publisher signup. The publisher account requests less information to work better. All unnecessary fields have been deleted and only information relevant to work in Addiliate is asked.
  • Usability improvements and Bug fixes. Several bugs have been fixed and the usability of Addiliate has increased a lot. A few examples: we added a drag-and-drop editor for uploading media files, we have the option to select several filters in campaign overview, we added several explanation boxes and icons to the index, allowing it to resize.
  • Subid. We’ve added the subid functionality for publishers, through which they can get unlimited subid’s for their affiliates in order to track individual performance and optimize traffic.
  • Support. support.addiliate.com is born! Through this page, we aim to provide step-by-step support and answer most frequently asked questions. We will always remain reachable by phone or email for any other questions or additional support.
  • Blog. Last but not least, we’ve added blog.addiliate.com!

We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we do making it!

All the best and see you soon,

Addiliate team