Millenials are people born between the early 80s and 2000, and they are the first digital generation. This target group is extremely interesting when marketing your product/services, and affiliate marketing can help getting the best out of it. In this article we will give you a few recommendation in order to succeed.


  • Use multiple channels

Relying on a single channel isn’t a good strategy. Using multiple sources and analyzing their performance will maximize the reach and conversion. Affiliate Marketing is the ideal channel since it offers you the possibility to work with different affiliates using different sources of traffic from a single point of contact.


  • Stay up-to-day or let affiliates do it for you

Millennials are a dynamic target using emerging technology and digital platforms. In order to get the best out of the new channels you have to stay on top of the new trends. Another option is to rely on affiliates who are constantly looking for new sources of traffic.


  • Social networks

Engaging Millennials in Social Media networks is probably one of the best ways to reach them. But this target group is more exigent than others. The simple fact of having presence in social networks is not enough, you have to make sure you are engaging this target group by interacting with them.


  • User Generated Content

The message you are transmitting to your potential users through the marketing channels has to be consistent and generate trust. Millennials are more likely to rely on user-generated content from their family, friends or even people they don’t know than content generated by a company. In this case, working with affiliate marketers will bring you all their expertise in prelander creation to warm up the potential clients.


  • Video to advertise

Is a fact that video is becoming one the preferred media format for Internet users. Millennials are not an exception to this, so generating the right content and finding the right targeting can make video a powerful advertising tool. It is important to take in account that a big percentage of users watch videos in mobile devices using their 2G/3G/4G, so watch out when generating video content. You have to make sure that it will be technically possible to access this content, even for users using slow Internet connections. Some major platforms are developing tools to overcome these problems. A good example is Facebook, who created the slideshow ads who allow you to create videos from static images.