As an Advertiser that wants to expand its business and reach out to a broader audience, its never easy to choose which promotional method to use in order for the product to be easy accessible to potential customers. To facilitate the process, many Advertisers look for a solution within Performance based marketing, which is a more effective and rapid way to use the available advertising budget.

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By spending money within Performance based marketing you only pay for results meaning that you will spend less overall. As always, Marketing is all about the Return of Investment (ROI), and performance based marketing is no exception. As a consequence of being able to see immediate effect of your spending, the risk of having a bad ROI reduces. Furthermore, by outsourcing the marketing team you will reduce cost on man power and potentially getting to the top of Google, for example due to the expertise that can be provided by the agencies, without spending a fortune on SEO or CPC. The agencies, like for example Clicktron Media, can secure high search engine listings, which is free brand exposure for the Advertiser, as they would only pay in case of sale of product. This Exposure allows the Advertiser to build an image and brand name. For a Start-up Company with limited budget to spend on Advertising of their product, Performance based Marketing is the overall best solution as they would only need to pay for each sale that’s being generated. This means a lot of Free Ad Space that give them the exposure that they need, as a new and unknown company.

A big advantage of running the campaign with a Performance Based Online Marketing Agency is that you only need to be in contact with one person, but at the same time be able to reach out to a broad network of Publishers by doing so. Its very time effective as you would only need to update links, banners, etc. one time with the Account Manager that you are in contact with.

Performance based Marketing is a good fit for all Advertisers regardless of the type of campaign that they want to run. Together with an agency comes a big network of Publishers with different traffic sources Worldwide. E-mail databases for send outs, Placements on the biggest Websites for Display or Banner space within Apps/Games for Mobile Traffic. Due to the fact that they work performance based it’s in both interests to push the campaigns that is most suited, based on the demographic of the audience. From an Advertisers point of view, they are assured to have their Ads exposed to the correct audience. It’s a cost-effective solution to acquire the customers within your target group. Through working with a reliable Agency, like Clicktron Media, you can attract a core demographic similar to your target audience, and depend on those new customers to influence their respective networks and create a buzz about your product through Word of Mouth.

Through the Platform provided by the agency, for example Addiliate in Clicktron Medias case, the Advertiser get easy access to track which Publishers are generating sales, by looking at the statistics available on the platform. This allows the Advertiser to identify the sources that are working better than others, and put the main focus on these Publishers. Close relationship between Advertiser and the Online Marketing Agency is essential to make sure that the campaign is being correctly run and continuously optimized based on the feedback from the Advertiser regarding the various traffic sources available.

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The biggest advantage of performance marketing is that you can analyze all the results in real-time. Once a Sale has been made you can immediately see it on the Tracking Platform that’s being used.The Task of generating and optimizing traffic, based on the feedback from the Advertiser, becomes the responsibility of the agency, which frees up not only financial resources, but also resources of time, expertise and attention. Through Customer Acquisition and a good ROI, performance based Marketing is a valuable tool for International Expansion for businesses of all sizes, including Internet Stat-up Companies. Once the Agency bring the Advertiser new customers through generating sales for their campaign, the Advertiser will then have a database of a new customer base to whom they can focus on up-selling products.

To Summarize, Performance marketing is the perfect channel, with minimal risks, to reach out to a broad audience and to be able to analyze everything in Real-Time making it possible for the Advertiser to make quick decisions based on the outcome. The Advertiser will get a lot of free exposure, as they only pay per sale, which will help to further expand their brand name and image Worlwide.