Video has the potential to transmit larger amounts of information than other supports like text or images. With a simple 30 seconds video you can transmit the same information than with a 10 pages text, but in an easier and faster way. As a consequence, the chances that your message is transmitted to your target audience are higher.

The fact that video is the most performing support to transmit information is clear, and in order to spread this information and reach your target audience you need a channel, and here comes YouTube. YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, and bought by Google in November 2006. This website allows users to upload, view and share videos, and it’s used by individuals and professionals. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd most visited website worldwide behind Google and Facebook. The success of YouTube since its creation is a fact, but is it a good idea to create a YouTube channel for your Brand? In this article we will give you 6 reasons why having a YouTube channel is a good tool for your brand.


Improve your SEO Rank

Having a YouTube channel related to your Brand will have a positive impact in your organic Rank. Due to Google’s universal search, results from vertical search engines like Google Images, Google News or YouTube (video) are blended in Google’s web search listings. Videos appear the more and more in search results and this is a proof that Google is giving lately more importance to videos. It’s important to associate your domain name to your YouTube account in order to clearly identify that it’s the official YouTube channel representing your Brand. This will have a positive impact when users search for terms related to the products/services your company offers. By linking your website content to related videos in YouTube you will generate qualitative backlinks that will drive to better positions in the search engines results pages. You can also get other websites create quality links to your site by embedding your videos in their websites, or get you videos shared in social media platforms by other users.


Grow your users database

It is technically possible to embed a registration form into a YouTube video. This is a tool that can be extremely useful in order to grow your users database, and can turn your YouTube channel into a video landing pages supplier. By driving interested users to a concrete video, you can pause the video for the user to enter his data and sign up to your database before he continues watching the content.


Monetize your videos

As the owner of a YouTube channel, YouTube gives you the possibility to monetize your content by displaying ads to the viewers before your video starts. This is an easy way to monetize your content, which can generate interesting revenues depending on the amount of visitors your channel has.


Extra source of traffic

As we said previously, apart from the positive impact in the organic searches for your website, having a YouTube channel will also drive direct traffic to your site. As a former search engine specialized in video content, and being the 3rd most visited website worldwide, users performing searches in YouTube for keywords related to your content may watch your videos and afterwards visit your website if they are interested in the products/services your brand promotes.



A video posted in your YouTube channel considered as and advertising tool has big benefits compared to other formats such as an email creative, a banner or a text link. These formats have a limited life (since you have top pay in order to display them), but a YouTube video will stay posted forever (if you keep your account live), ready to be shown as soon as a potential viewers search for related keywords.


Social Media Sharing

YouTube videos to promote your brand and products/services are a great format to share in social media networks and get a viral effect. Videos are one of the main shared content in the social media networks because it’s an easy way to transmit information. By creating the right kind of videos, you can increase the exposure of your Brand thanks to the viral effect.


After going over all the points above, it is clear that creating a YouTube channel is going to be positive for your brand. We recommend starting with short videos, which attract the potential viewers and at the same time provide relevant information.