How it works

Working with Addiliate is easy and straightforward.

On this page we will will explain how to become an Addiliate as well as how advertisers and publishers can use the Addiliate adplanning system to run their campaigns.

If you have any further questions or remarks, please contact one of our account managers on the following phone number: +34.931.742.391 or write an email to . We will provide you with an answer within 48 hours.

This is how Addiliate works in three simple steps:


1 Complete the registration process.

Provide as much information as possible.


2 Advertiser

Sign in and create your first campaign you want to run. Define your campaign by offer, volume (e.g. number of clicks), budget, available media and dates.

2 Publisher

Sign in and indicate all volumes, demographics and availability of your Site. Provide as much information as possible. This will be of importance for the reach, targeting and successful follow up of your volumes.


3 Advertiser

Depending on the pricing structure of your campaign, there are two possible options after this step.

Option 1 - Branding campaigns

CPM and High CPC

Full transparency and control over specific placements, run dates and budget.

Option 2 - Performance Campaigns

CPA and Low CPC

Full control over budget and run dates. No transparency over placements.

3 Publisher

Depending on the preferred pricing structure of your site, there are two possible options after this step.

Option 1 - Branding campaigns

CPM and High CPC

After your registration interested Advertisers will approach you to book your volume.

Option 2 - Performance campaigns

CPA and Low CPC

You can select advertisers that are interested in your volume and start directly!

Both options have advanced and real-live tracking of impressions, number of clicks, leads and sales.




Look for a complete overview of available publishers with a wide description of the availabilities or wait until your campaign gets booked by publishers or ...


...available campaigns with a wide description of the availabilities or wait until your volume gets booked by interested advertisers.



Both Advertisers and Publishers can indicate their preferences for Country, Language, Relevance, Age group, Gender, Education level and Income. All Campaigns and Sites have an extensive description in which the details can be found in order to improve performance.


Sales increase

As Addiliate is focused on large volumes we provide scalable business opportunities in order to generate a high volume of visitors, leads, sales and revenues. Without extensive effort we can maximize your returns based on our wide range of campaigns and Publishers.



An advanced and real-live tracking system for all your campaigns is integrated in Addiliate in order to monitor your results. You can login 24/7 to see the statistics that are most up-to-date.



During some periods Advertisers want to push their campaigns more or Publisher have more rest-inventory, which allows them to plan more flexible. By using our sophisticated planning tool you can book campaigns or volume in advance in order to grasp most of this period.



Addiliate has a full focus on performance; both Advertisers and Publishers control their own results and can indicate what is acceptable for them. There are neither start-up nor monthly maintenance costs to use Addiliate.