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Addiliate office

Addiliate.com is a unique adplanning system giving full control to advertisers and publishers. On one hand, advertisers can actively recruit the publishers they would like to use for pushing their campaigns. On the other hand, publishers can select the advertiser campaigns that have their preference.

The focus of Addiliate.com lies on performance based marketing, full transparency of placements, targeted advertising, as well as delivering a high volume of visitors, leads and sales.

Addiliate.com is created with the believe that performance-based advertising can be improved by offering a wide range of placements with high volumes at competitive prices. A system that incorporates both a open network for CPM and high CPC prices and a closed network for low CPC and CPA campaigns is the ideal combination between cost-effective marketing and push possibilities. The system supports varies countries as we realize that online advertising is an international sector and that global expansion lies in the core advantages of each online company.

Addiliate.com is a subsidiary of Clicktron Media. Clicktron Media is an online media agency specialized in email marketing, display advertising, social media and lead generation with a regional focus on the Benelux, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Scandinavia. We serve a wide range of clients in multiple online sectors with different targets. For more information, please go to www.clicktronmedia.com